domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Internet Cult Leaders, or so they think

For a time now there's something glutting my throat and is not sushi believe.. is how some people are blatant posers and liars in the internet specially over Youtube, great place but full of hypocrits wearing masks trying to make you think they are masters and you will be the disciple...

There's someone in Youtube that was selected to be part of the Ford Fiesta Movement and has got a big amount of subscribers and thereoff got partnerships quite some time ago.
this person im reffering have a good amount of channels and especially one called my attention and must say inspired me to overcome my depressive issues "pwning Life" is supposed to be your motto in life and i agree with that person but when you see all these FREE teachings coming from someone that openly declared he is bipolar and has overcome his bipolarity with healthy food, good sleeping habits and sport, and when he keep encouraging people to learn "you dont need a school, everything is in the internet!" you get the idea "wow i need to learn and do like this guy :O"

Motivation did lead me to dig more into his videos and channels, funny guy and somewhat charismatic, with also good ideas but only one issue... him, his projects always are linked to how he feels, he is in a hype forums are alive if not BAM everything dies, sure we can blame the bipolarity but im sure more than one community was founded by a bipolar and is not dying every 3rd month right?

this facade in Youtube is just that, a fragile mask he dont even try to hide failing to follow one of his first advices in a video "secrets: never upload a video, write a letter or anything about something you dont want anyone to know"

Why do i mention this? because many (so many to be honest) he keep telling people he wont ask people to join a contest because he knows the secrets to bring thousands of followers on twitter and only want to help you learn how, more recently trying to build a core group to have people in every area like web design, admin his communities and have a strong base (which was a great idea) he decided this core group he wanted to "benefit" had to pay HIM to teach THEM how to sucess in the internet, and again we heard "i dont need the money i can earn all the money i want i just want to help you" and then he disappears (after 3 weeks we hear he was in an institute)

Guess what, anyone can learn web design, economics, programming videogames and lots more for FREE just by using Google, why he contradicted himself, why in the "pwning life" videos the teachings was free and then everything was "if you pay you are my lineage my family as you are in the core group", if he could make all the money as he says he wont be making videos telling us "im broke this and being broke that" while he chew like 16 pills after spending 3 weeks in a medical institution, just a facade and one of the many dirt-made idols in the internet, im amazed that one naive idiot actually paid to him 67us for his "teachings" geez... and before someone try to rip off my head because i am saying something about the pills wait ok? nothing wrong if someone needs to control their depression and/or bipolarity with medicine, the issue here is he was preaching to everyone he managed to rule over his bipolarity w/o medicine which more than once he proved it was a lie, THAT is my complain.

did i was dissapointed? of course, i dont idolized him but had a fair amount of respect as someone that could have been an example for many to overcome their issues, being but a poser, a liar and someone that believe he can appear in Youtube, telling you he will have a core group (showing their names in the video and emailing them) and he will teach them for 67us thinking everyone in that list will idolize him and will give him money, that's disspointing... sad when someone cant live up to their words.

sorry for the rant guys but yeah, is something that was keeping inside for a time and wanted it out of my system, cya!