martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

The roads we choose in life

I believe there's not such a thing as a predestined fate in life, god (if you believe in him), universal spirit or whatever you like to call it give us cards to play (like a poker game) some people may get better cards in their deck and even if that helps to your game is up to you how to play that game and make the best use of the cards for your own advantage.

We can say life is like driving in a road, our destination is determined by the route we take, turn to the left or turn to the right, sometimes in life we take a wrong turn and we can look back take reverse and take other route.

this dont always happens, as you take a wrong turn sometimes is to late to reverse and there arent turn backs to try the road we left behind long ago, we can just keep crying for the road we left behind and complain of the road we picked but all we can do is learn from that road and try to take the right turn in the next intersection of the same, learn from your mistakes and the roads you drive.

We cant go back and take some roads as we cant change the past and the "if" do not exist all we can do is drive and moving forward and make the best use of our remaining cards in this long road and this poker game called life, fate and destiny is made by us!