sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

Macross Frontier - Delight Macross fans!

Macross 25th anniversary brings a delightfull series for us the macross fans all over the world, Macross Frontier.

After a long wait we have the new series that ties not just Macross Love Story but also Macross Zero (a story about Macross before it was launched into space, giving us details of the origins of protoculture) is refreshing to see how the story involves the Macross chronology in a perfect balance, as one of my friends told me "was good to see the old zentrans" and i have to agree, after a dissapointing Macross 7 this series is a delight to us the Macross fans.

Macross Frontier introduce a new and fearsome enemy known as the Vajra (which origin i am not going to spoil) these monsters have been attacking and destroying the different Macross convoys, first Galaxy and now they have found Frontier...

Macross Frontier
Starting from the opening, Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto, is excelent and a soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno, great story and of course a superb animation and excelent mecha designs makes Macross Frontier a winner!

Romantic Triangle
In Macross we had this triangle between Rick, Lynn Minmay and Lisa Hayes and Macross Frontier is no exception here.
Alto Saotome, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee, in this case is not a militar versus a singer as it was in Macross, but a very well know idol from Macross Galaxy Sheryl Nome and a new born star Ranka Lee, even if this brings memories from Macross this new triangle is something interesting to see, as this will play a major role in the series.

Cant avoid to compare some characters to some of the characters from the first macross series, the most obvious of curse is the captain of the Macross (in Frontier they called the new ship "a macross" too)

Jeffrey Wilder and Captain Global
Probably one of the most obvious and clear characters that was based in the first macross series, separated at birth?

Cathy Glass and Lisa Hayes
This is pretty obvious too, as Lisa Hayes was the daughter of one of the highest ranged militars in Macross, Cathy is the daughter of the Macross Frontier convoy president, the resemblance of both characters can be seen by anyone.

Bobby Margot and Claudia LaSalle
Yes i know i overdid with this comparison, true one is gay and the second was a woman but if you pay attention, similar hairstyle (of course Bobby have a more stylish style), and both occupy the same spot in the bridge of the Macross, casuality? i dont think so...

Macross Bridge:
Not only some of the characters was based on Macross characters to rememinicense the first series but also the bridge of the new Macross spaceship is very similar to the first bridge of the SDF-1:


Macross Frontier:

i could keep talking about Macross Frontier but the best will be for you to watch and judge the anime yourself, definitely a must watch for any Macross fan out there, Yack deculture~~!!!