sábado, 2 de agosto de 2008

Macross Frontier - Delight Macross fans!

Macross 25th anniversary brings a delightfull series for us the macross fans all over the world, Macross Frontier.

After a long wait we have the new series that ties not just Macross Love Story but also Macross Zero (a story about Macross before it was launched into space, giving us details of the origins of protoculture) is refreshing to see how the story involves the Macross chronology in a perfect balance, as one of my friends told me "was good to see the old zentrans" and i have to agree, after a dissapointing Macross 7 this series is a delight to us the Macross fans.

Macross Frontier introduce a new and fearsome enemy known as the Vajra (which origin i am not going to spoil) these monsters have been attacking and destroying the different Macross convoys, first Galaxy and now they have found Frontier...

Macross Frontier
Starting from the opening, Triangular by Maaya Sakamoto, is excelent and a soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno, great story and of course a superb animation and excelent mecha designs makes Macross Frontier a winner!

Romantic Triangle
In Macross we had this triangle between Rick, Lynn Minmay and Lisa Hayes and Macross Frontier is no exception here.
Alto Saotome, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee, in this case is not a militar versus a singer as it was in Macross, but a very well know idol from Macross Galaxy Sheryl Nome and a new born star Ranka Lee, even if this brings memories from Macross this new triangle is something interesting to see, as this will play a major role in the series.

Cant avoid to compare some characters to some of the characters from the first macross series, the most obvious of curse is the captain of the Macross (in Frontier they called the new ship "a macross" too)

Jeffrey Wilder and Captain Global
Probably one of the most obvious and clear characters that was based in the first macross series, separated at birth?

Cathy Glass and Lisa Hayes
This is pretty obvious too, as Lisa Hayes was the daughter of one of the highest ranged militars in Macross, Cathy is the daughter of the Macross Frontier convoy president, the resemblance of both characters can be seen by anyone.

Bobby Margot and Claudia LaSalle
Yes i know i overdid with this comparison, true one is gay and the second was a woman but if you pay attention, similar hairstyle (of course Bobby have a more stylish style), and both occupy the same spot in the bridge of the Macross, casuality? i dont think so...

Macross Bridge:
Not only some of the characters was based on Macross characters to rememinicense the first series but also the bridge of the new Macross spaceship is very similar to the first bridge of the SDF-1:


Macross Frontier:

i could keep talking about Macross Frontier but the best will be for you to watch and judge the anime yourself, definitely a must watch for any Macross fan out there, Yack deculture~~!!!

viernes, 18 de julio de 2008

Controllers that made history

I believe there's 3 control pads that made a change in the videogame history, the nintendo control pad,the super famicom (super nes) and the playstation dual shock. (edited after a chat with leoman)

Famicom Control Pad
The first and probably one of the first that changed the way we played videogames, the nintendo (8 bit) control pad, before people played with a joystick (atari, coleco, etc) this was one of the first controls that changed the way we played video games including A, B, Start and Select

(thanks to leoman for the very acertive reminder)

Super Famicom Control Pad
Why do i affirm this? is simple, before nintendo released a revolutionary pad with 4 buttons and two buttons in the top (for the pointer fingers) everyone was used to play with just A,B, start and select.

Truth, Sega Mega Drive had a 3 button control pad, but many developers never used the third button, later as the super famicom was such a hit and a great innovation sega released a 6 button control pad... again, without any success (beign a sega fan, i have to admit, it was a failure)

Sony Playstation Dual Shock

Now the dual shock, i know many systems released different and sometimes odd control pads but is a fact the dual shock from sony was the reason for the innovative control pads for nintendo 64 and the sega dreamcast, but proof of the dual shock success is how is still used in the playstation 1 2 and 3, a control pad that made a revolution and has survived varios game system generations.

some of the features as the 4 buttons for the pointer fingers (based in the super famicon control pad) the neat and smooth analog control, vibration pack without the need of of a vibration pack (see nintendo 64) all this and more made this control pad a winner!

Do you know me?

In the last weeks i faced someone, an online "friend" of mine and well, i am not sure if we really are friends at all, today i face the same with someone i know online and i am not sure i can consider a friend anymore.

I am a game master in a ragnarok online server, i consider myself a dedicated person, usually i try to give it all to what i do, drawing, learning, etc.
so, as i told before, do you know me? you know i am more than just a guy gming in a ragnarok online server? i have a life too, i am not in front of the monitor even if my pc is online.

i know of my so called friends study computer related stuff, java, php, etc, i know she will go to the san diego university, she plays clarinet too, the funny is she never told me her name, i found out from a third person, otherwise im sure i wont be sure what was her name, she have father, mother and one small sister.

I know one of my friends work in a shoe store (something he hate xD) that he stoped stuying for economic issues but he hope to finish school and to get a better job, he draw too, he have a mother, step father, and a sister (she's hot btw).

I know a friend that likes games, love to code (as i think he coded since he was 9) i know he like to hang with friends in a club named kinjin and they sent special shoes to hard gay in japan xD
i do know how talented he is coding as he is the admin of the serer i have gmed on, making many projects such as sagramore (a browser based game), his weakness are cute girls, he have a mother, father and a brother (no he is not hot) and of course some caged pets.

Probably i give to people i dont know irl to much importance, as i value frienship like few things in my life, online or irl friend for me they are friends i value a lot, not sure if that's a defect or not, but sure thing i tend to be naive so often and i have been hurt for that.

As these onine friends i have a life, i have lived things that made me who i am, just as they do and i cant find but sad how some of them cant see beyong me and gming as if that was my life, is not..

Do you know me? can you answer if i have a family? brother or sisters? what i wanted to study? my hobbies? give me a break and dont dare to judge me when you barely know but the surface and the nickname you see on a computer screen, get down of your pedestal and give me a little credit and respect, i deserve it.

There's people i dont know, people that's a total stranger for me and i dont give a shit for people like that making ignorant comments about me, but i do care when such comments come from people i have considered my friends... there i start to wonder who's and not my friend and who should i stop talking to, both online and irl.

Do you know me? ask that yourself...

Hate to post stuff like this but i need to release some steam...