miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Zombieland Update!

Health stuff and more zOMG

Well yesterday got medicine for my cold, aparently i have an infection on my throat that's why i was affected by the cold drinks, i hope to sort this, doctor said he saw some white balls/thingies on my throat so may need to go back when i run out of medicine to see if th infection is gone or if i'll need something else, damn i really want drink a cold drink right now :(

And hmm, well been lazy in the past 2 days about fitness and trying to do stuff, i hope this dont end in a 3 day effor, i really need do this and i hope i can keep doing it, i must, i need it.

Food specially, that's been the hard part... avoid the second ration "oh.. ok, this will be the last time, ill do it tomorrow!" and then "oh fuck why i did it DAMN!" yeah i shux i know XD

i just need to remember these words and keep moving forward:

actually these words are what have keep me doing stuff lately when im depressed, i try to think on this and do stuff, it does work most of the time.

X-Box shipped? zOMG

Well guys, today casey (Miltownkid) tweet was:

miltownkid @Karmaquarius Guess what I just mailed... :) 6-10 days...
21 minutes ago from web in reply to Karmaquarius

hahaha i was like zomgwtfbbq! please if im dreaming dont wake me up! hahahaha well im glad the xbox was finally shipped and god i feel awfull for how much i nagged him but well what is done is done and we need to keep moving forward xD

He uploaded a video just minutes ago, here's the video, go to youtube if you wish to comment.

seem like a douche gave me a thumb down overthere but w/e he can go to hell, have the right to be exited isnt? ;)

well 6-10 days.. i'll be waiting to hear someone knock my door and glomp it as soon i open the door, will be uploading photos of the package as i open it that day i promise.

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

bit sick

hmm sucks to get sick just now after i start to try to get in shape again, was feeling a bit sick for days now but just today feeling worst, well i guess i will try to rest today and see how i feel tomorrow.

i hate it because this heat makes my head hurts so i have been drinking cold stuff to feel better, most likely the main reason for this cold, argh, oh well..

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

moving on and giving up on things

hmm feels weird to make this into another post and not part of the last one but i think even if they are related i should keep them separated.

Well starting to do stuff to get back in shape again, wont be a matter of days, will be a great effor of months, during that time will be hard to stay in focus without an attack of panic or a depression that will keep me awake all night sulking myself on bad thoughts for my health or some or my irl issues, and i cant really allow me to that anymore.

Well some problems are sorting slowly, others arent, and this may not be a problem but waiting for over a month for that xbox360 is putting me not in a bad mood but of course it drags me down as some friends that supported me with the contest start to tell me "told you you wasnt getting that xbox" that is really bothering me everytime i come online, i believe in casey but well by judging this fiesta movement thingy when he start rolling all over north america he wont be available to ship that xbox and well everytime he talks about that on his videos he is like "sigh.. gotta ship this to mario..." so well this is my last week hoping to receive that xbox360, even if im rightfully entitled to receive it i cant really force the man to ship it, and this is annoying me more of what im willing to admit.. so if this next saturday i dont hear the magic words "is shipped, look the tracking number!" i think i will give up on that defeinitely, as BystanderSCX, Bostar and me was talking on blogtv some days ago we think casey really dont want ship that xbox, but cant allow me to sulk in a depression now that im starting to put stuff in order with my life.

I guess next sunday i will be posting the sequel to this blog, either is good news or the bad news of giving up on the xbox360, cya.

well im sweaty but feels good

somehow related to my last entry http://marioissocool.blogspot.com/2009/04/to-vlog-or-not-to-vlog-insecurities.html i am starting to retake control of an schedule, retake because used to have one, a lot of stuff got far beyond control and SNAP im not sure how lame online crap got control of what i had to be doing with my life (like gming...) when people around you value more a server (even if you keep it alive and working) over your own health, yeah... time to move on.

Well need start slow, and with my own pace to recover, as someone said in a video "dont think, just do it, start easy, know yourself" thise word are my guide at the moment, as well Elistios is vlogging somehting similar to what im living and im trying to overcome, i hope he dont give up and can reach his goal as it also inspire me to keep going with my own situation, check out his youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Elistios

Depression is a real bitch, but is one of the inner demons i need to beat, migraines dont help (specially now) but i hve to keep going, as i said im not ugly or anything but really hate what i see on the mirror, that must and will change!:)

sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

To vlog or not to vlog, insecurities arise

Hmm title sounds like a sequel isnt? well days ago i have been considering investing in a digital camera (kodak easyshare m863) as it can also record HD video so may be good for vloging in sites such as YouTube.

I have quite good ideas for videos and why not i know i am talented when it comes to imagine and write stuff even in the spur of the moment (like comebacks to people) but my biggest insecurity is im fat, yeah... im fat.

Im not ugly, i have been told by womens im good looking and i have a good bearing (not sure i used the right word) but yeah im fat, not that i havent tried to lose weight.. SHUT UP! xD

But yeah cant say my skin is so thick when it comes to my weight, one of the main reasons why i avoided posting my picture on the forums i was Game Master, had enough with morons ignoring i was fat to worsen that for me, specially when people ignore why i gained all this weight (i wasnt fat as a teenager nor as a kid) so no thanks.

Hmm i dont know, probably i will or may not... i think if i do could be a way to prevail over my insecurity and if i dont insecurity wins, but i wonder if it's worth the risk.

he is actually funny, compared to me he is not fat at all, he really said all i have in mind right now, as he said he may be joking and may not, but to me is all i have feeling, peace.

viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

Movie Blog or not to blog... that is the question!


For a time now i have been considering to start my own movie blog, why? simply as I DO LOVE MOVIES!~ well videogames is one of my great hobbies but movies has been a passion for me since i was a child, and with the help of the internet my collection is growing fast.

I dont feel like i would not be blogging about the latest movies only (which i would love to do) i dont consider myself an expert to judge the good or bad acting skills of certain actor/actress but to actually talk of stuff i loved from certain movies, an example of that could be Kevin Costner Dances with Wolves "tatanka... buffalo.. tatanka.. buffalo.." as he try to talk to a native in a remote forgotten by god outpost while he wait for reinforcements he is forced to get a long with the natives, i think that was a great movie and i feel i should be fucking blogging about it!

Hmm, yet i wonder if my insecurity for my english grammar and "omg are you serious that movie did suck!" kind of comments will let me do it, beats me.

Rants, ideas and whatsoever

Well been a bit annoyed lately, these damn headaches kicking back again, been trying to keep me busy, i got adobe after effects and adobe premiere pro and i have been messing around with them, the interfase seems to be a bit complicated but i hope to get the hang of it and do a few things in the next weeks.

Regiatered Newbtastic Gaming in Youtube some days ago and i know it's not new and they float all voer Youtube now, but i want upload videogame intros from Dreamcast and PS1, adding custom intos made with after effects, etc.

In a future, if i get the camera i want (kodak easyshare m863) i may start vlogging or recording some ideas i believe are good, of course to appear on camera i need to tame my insecurity first (yeah, im fat) xD

We will see what happens.

martes, 14 de abril de 2009

A well earned prize for effor not just luck

Proud and Happy :D

I have not added nothing new to my blog in months, depression, lazyness, or a lack of something to write about my life could be one of the many reasons, yet march was a good month for me, if not health-wise it was a rewarding month as good things happened.

But i will focus just in one, My Dead Xbox contest, this contest was held by a popular guy on youtube known as Miltownkid, you can check one of his many channels by going here: http://www.youtube.com/user/miltownkid

Well he organized a Twitter contest, and the winner would be the owner of an Xbox360 and some Games (neat!) and im proud to say i am the winner of that contest, my twitter name is Karmaquarius if anyone want follow me overthere.

After a long week, on march 22 he boradcasted live in BlogTV (a site people can broadcast live) you can check the recorded show when he announce i am the winner and why http://www.blogtv.com/People/miltownkid only the first part of why i was picked was explained (users can record only 10 minutes of video) but i think that explains a lot how much effor i did put to win this prize (and hell yeah im exited to get the system and play with friends)

Random Xbox Winner Stuff - Broadcast your self LIVE

Now back to youtube, Here you can see the video announcing the winner, you can also subscribe to the channel by going here: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyDeadXbox

The Effor Done

I think i watched the video of the contest a lot of times, waiting to see how the contest was going to work, waited the email next day (monday) badly and around 4-5pm (my timezone) the email arrived, reading Miltownkid blog and the how to i think that monday stayed up to 12 am hooked to the pc since that email arrived contacing people over MSN to sign up and help me with this contest, reactions and responces was different and i got people doing it without hesitation, others (which was time consuming) had doubts but finally joined as i explained the details, others replied with negatives from plain NO to more nasty words (geez thanks guys... <.<) Casey (Miltownkid) told us he was making some custom pages for us, but i could not wait and that night i downloaded his template and did my own until he did our custom pages, i did 2, one in spanish and one in english. Later i distributed the link of the custom page he did, you can take a look at the page he did here: http://mydeadxbox.com/contest/Karmacuarius.html ( i believe he commented he monitored the traffic for the contest pages as he also used that to decide the winner) "hopefully awesome things will happen" he said in the video for the contest page, indeed i think something awesome happened casey :D

My main issue was explain the people asking to join this was not an "win an i-pod!" crap like some sites out there, explaining people to convince them to join was time consuming but i think was worth it.

tuesday night i was really discouraged to be honest, as well after 2 days of hardwork talking to people i barely had 30 followers that did the required steps for the contest, watching SexyBuzz with over 150 and etienne951 with lots LOTS more i went to bed with the thought of giving up as i didnt had a chance.

Next morning i come to the pc and check the update casey did on his blog about me as one of the people he had in mind as possible winners, that really recharged my batteries to keep working hard to win the xbox, that day i decided i was going to keep on with the competition no matter if i did win or not, as i wanted to feel proud of myself by giving the best in the end of the week.

Of course i could not have done this without the support of friends (some more than others) can name some of them Like Borf adding the link to my contest page in his IRC channels after i asked, jenny translating the "how to" to italian and giving it out to her friends to join, Camile and Iran to brazilian, sedi did the same by translating the content of the page to polish and making some posts in polish forums, had other friends doing the same like my brothers from MaFaKa (mexican guild that started in ragnarok and now we play other MMO's) i am grateful for all the support i got from people.

The only i feel a bit annoyed, is how sedi acted like if i did win only for what he did, which i value a lot but he didnt more than others that helped me but they are aware i spend at least 4-6 hours daily sending personal messages on twitter, asking and explaining people on msn and IRC (and some forums) what kind of contest it was, spreading the link, waiting for lot of people to come online to ask for help as soon as they was on the pc, i hope nobody misunderstand me, im not saying i did this alone and i didnt needed anyone, i value all the support i got from everyone, but who did put this in motion was me and i dont want anyone to minimize all the work and effor i did to win this, probably this isnt important.. yet i wanted to take it out of my system.

The Background
This will be my very first Xbox360, not many know about this but this besides a couple MSN friends like Tiffany Joe and maybe alec, back to december i really wanted to get one xbox360, asked some store credits and i got one but the xmas package was sold out (pro, kung fu panda/lego etc) so had to wait until the store had a new batch, they did but they raised the price and i could not pay the amount (would have ended paying nearly 700us + interest in the end of the year) so i decided that was not a choice anymore as we have got some financial issues lately, asked my uncle to help me to get one with his credit card, here we have some "12 month no interest" plans for credit card owners (certain banks only, not all) but he decided to be e jerk and said no xD

Yeah happy face (well, i better laugh than cry dont you think?) so my only choice was to save (slowly) until i could buy the system in one payment which was going to take me a lot of time, so when i watched that contest video was like one of those one time chances only, and i decided i wasnt letting it go off my hands, these events from past months was the main reason for me to stay in the pc for so many hours that week even if i had a headache for the amount of time i spend in front of the pc everyday, but then again i say.. WORTH IT!

Well i guess i could go on and post more about this but hehe i think this entry is long enough already and clearly shows how i feel about this, i hope to get the package from casey soon, i dont have a camera but i may try to get one to take pics of the xbox and games, i will make a new post on the blog when i do, thanks for reading :D