domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

The Guild

Browsing the Xbox Marketplace i found one show that at first didnt called much my attention as it looked so cartoonish and i thougt it was somekind of flash toon like show, today beign bored i decided to give it a try and started to download and i dont regret doing it as it become one of my favorites

The Guild is written and created by Felicia Day and season one released in 2007 in Youtube, later the show moved to MSN Video and the XBox Marketplace, running for the third season now the show has earned awards and has been acclaimed gaining quite some fans worldwide.

The show present us a guild "The Knights of Good", a group of people into an MMO game (that i suppose is World of Warcraft as they never show us what they play) and their only contact has been via voice chat, Codex (Felicia Day) start every episode recording a vlog of what is happening to her, she has been suffering social anxiety problems and her only friends are those from online games.

There's a missing guildmate that has not been connected for 36 hours, they all worry and wonder where he is until he shows up in front of Codex's doorstep saying he's in love (he's insanely obsessed with her).

Desperate she ask her only friends (the guild) to have a meeting in real life, many of them jump and reach negatively as some of them also have social anxiety issues, this meetin leads to many comic situations and mischiefs among the guild, including one member to take all the gold and loot of months of work from the MMO they play.

The Characters:

Codex: main character in which the shows is focuses, she has been experiencing social anxiety issues after a bad relationship in which her boyfriend (a musician) was having a gay affair with the oboe player, one of her guildmates is obsessed with her saying he is in love with her, she appears to play the role of a priest.

Vork: He seems to be always eating or doing chores while he play online, he also have some social anxiety problems as is one of the most relient to meet the others, he is also a Scrooge type that will take his own cheese to a restaurant just to save a dollar buying a hamburger (mainly why he is in charge of the guild money and loot)he appears to have the role of a Warrior

Zaboo: The lost member of the guild and the one obsessed with Codex, the main reason for the plot to happen, things get even more complicated as his castrative mother arrives to Codex's house blaming her for taking away his innocent son and she pretent to make her pay, Zaboo plays the role of a Warlock.

Zaboo's Mother

Bladezz: Eh was not invited to the meeting as Vork wanted to discuss what to do with him, before he was expelled he decided to leave the guild taking away all the gold and loot Vork left in one of his accounts, now mad is trying to ruin the good name of "The Knights of Good", this include a porn video of their characters into the forums, he play the role of a Rogue.

Clara: mother, wife and housewife spending most of the time taking care of the kids and playing online, she dont have any issue by meeting the guys and seems to like everyone, she plays the role of a healer or a priest (not sure)she is so distracted playing that never noticed the babysiter quit for over a week and the kids was eating crayons, oh and she is taking erotic dance lessons too.

Tinkerballa: she is playing games most of the time, in both pc and DS and refuse to tell the others her real name, she also told them "Ugly Betty's" story instead of real facts about her, she plays the role of a Hunter.

Every chapter takes but minutes leaving you wanting more, so far 3 seasons are out and i recommend you this show a lot, you can get it from the Xbox Marketplace for free, Itunes and Youtube, here's the link for you:

Dont miss the chance to laugh with this show and get to watch it, hope you enjoy it as much as i do, thanks for reading! :)