miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

When a hobby stops being one

I wanted to blog this for a time after i watched a shocking You Tube video, it is shocking not for the content but for how close many of us are to be crossing the line beyond a hobby and an addiction.

For starters let me tell you i am a videogame collector and check people in You Tube such as Petedorr, Happy Console Gamer and others into gaming, i came across this guy Luke Morse (lukemorse1) in a shotout from The Happy Console Gamer a couple months ago, this guy have an impressive amount of consoles and Candy Cabinets (japanese arcade machines, Neo Geo, etc) married and living in japan a life some of us dream to have and could think as perfect, but is it? check out this video before you continue reading:

Lukemorse1 have a lot of videos, gaming, unboxing, repairing stuff, etc, and as a collector is something you enjoy to watch but you dont realize how is people's life behind scenes when the camera is off.
of course none of us can grasp the whole issue just by watching his videos and listening to his words, im not judging her or Luke as only them know the facts behind their issues but i wanted to express my thoughts for a time now.

I remember the video atracting people like me to Luke's channel was this one by The Happy Console Gamer when he was unboxing a few systems he got in the mail from Lukemorse1 as it seems he had a closet full of consoles (the compulsory buying sprees in Hard Off) and was running out of space in home and was forced to sell some of them, at least i think he sold the consoles, but i believe he also used to give some away to some gamers in the community.

Luke's wife didnt leave him because he liked videogames so before some people into gaming curse her (as some i know has done) but the addictive shopping sprees, having not one but 4 or 5 of the same console, going to Hard Off and pick one more he can have fun repairing/polishing and ending storing away in the closet, having several copies of the same game and buying more (of the same game) because he find it a bargain and stuff like that is what i think started to add gas to the fir and having their kid in the hospital a couple weeks this happened i think made guilts and flames to arise between them (as it happened to a friend of mine).

I dont think there's something wrong in gaming, nor in collecting or having the hobby to fix and put back in shape old consoles, but when you cant stop to buy after you have 3 or 4 working systems and you run out of space in your house, abusing your credit card and spend most of your time alone doing that, you have to see something is not a hobby but an addiction. i bet, if he could buy a cheap console, fix, polish and sell over ebay making a profit (not because he want to have more money) i dont think his situation ended like this (of course im just assuming)

For some of us collectors, watching Luke's last video was somethingtrully shocking as is something so close to our reality, how often we find that desired game, manga, figure or collectible and we even end in red numbers in our bank accounts just to have it leaving family or priorities aside?
that video is a human mirror for many of us out there, i do hope and wish the best for luke and maybe someday he will make a comeback, that day i wish to see luke's kid playing along with him in those arcades, luke dont need to quit his hobby but to share it with his own family, i know quite some gamers in You Tube that miss him and felt affected and trully depressed by that video, many of us feel his pain.

I have always said we all can take good and bad things from everything in life, name it a book, a movie, comic or even a good drink of beer, but everything that ends in a compulsory excess cant be good not even sports (we have seen steroids and even players die in the field from heart attacks)
i am not sure i worded everything as i wanted here, but felt the need to psot something for a time now and hopefully Luke's experience will help many of us out there to keep our hobbies and priorities in place, until next time, thanks for reading.

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

Keep Moving Forward!

Recently a very good friend of mine that worked as a game master with me in a ragnarok online server talked to me about returning there and attemp to fix the now dead (online but dead) server, i am pondering how much is nostalgia and how much will the dream to use an old horse as a stallion can be possible.

None of us plays RO anymore, even GMing i dont think i could revive the flame to play and enjoy that game like the old days, even if it hurts me to see that server in such decayed state nostalgia alone is nothing vs reality, ghosts and vultures from the past in that place seems to be a constant curse that may never lift unlike starting fresh in a different network or by our own (not that im considering to host one at this moment, to start with i dont have the money)

I think "Meet the Robinsons" (great movie, be sure to watch it) give us a valuable lesson here "keep moving forward!" and by returning to a now (sorry borf and maever) dying network we wont be moving forward but the opposite, all the ghosts and bad memories must die just like the server and the only we need from there is the good friends and memories we will always carry in our hearts while we keep moving forward! :)