sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

Long time no see...

I guess one of the reasons i havent blogged in a time (i wonder if anyone besides tiffany ever read this xD) is because i have been sulking into another depressive episode, and even if i wanted to say something i guess it was the best for me not to post or i would have ended posting about how bad i feel or how i wish for things to be, hate when some friends come to me "talk to us we are friends" when the last i want is bring my irl issues to them and to my computer screen when i am online.

i was thinking about this this morning just after i wake up, you know when an idea strikes your mind so clear and jyou just say "oh uh.." is funny how something rushed by another depressive episode pushed me to desire the console and that did lead to win this xbox360.

See, i used to tell my friend alec "i wont bother to know about games of consoles i cant afford" and i used to say that not because i didnt wanted to get an xbox360 but because i didnt wanted to feel pressure and go down even more because i could not affod one and i wanted to get a console so much, so is why i told that to people like alec because well, you know if something is a source of depression just keep it away, for your own good.

but back to november-december 2008 i was extremely down, stopped drawing, php, and pretty much anything i was trying to work on months ago, and i think is when the thought of "i want play with my friends" striked me, wanted to go online and play with Alec on Final Fantasy 11, Gears of War 2 with Erick because i was having the thought not to just play a new fabulous ultra duper graphics game but having fun with friends to forget a bit the depression i was having.

Probably the desire was boosted for the amount of Halo 3 machinima i was watching back then, good or bad i dont know, but i think that pretty much resume why i started to desire to have the console that much unlike before.

And the most ironic is, that thought to go play online with friends was but a mirage, before i got the console alec, erick and others was asking me a lot "when are you getting one? :D" and now i do and none cares to ask why im not going live or if i want go live and play with them, it's funny, well i could go on with this topic but is enoguh boring and emo already, but yeah i really wanted to blog about this.

Concomics Update

Well i really hoped to go to concomics this year as dave prowse (darth vader) was coming here this year but even if it hurts me i decided i wasnt going there to get a signed picture, i know how unique this chance was (since i cant really travel to usa and met him on one of the many cons there)

But right now we need a fridge and even if it's few the cash im adding from concomics to the fridge saving i decided that was a priority for us, sometimes the right thing to do is not the thing you want to do, sometimes is not what makes you more happy but still... is the right thing and sometimes must be done.

So no concomics , signed pic or vip pass this year, Hopefully someday i will have the chance to met him and other actors from Start Wars.


domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Youtube is just ironic & stupid, yet i love it

I do love youtube so dont misunderstand me, but is absurd how they can take something down in a matter of minutes because you use less than one minute of footage from family guy in one video (happened to me) or videos with audio completely stripped for using a copyrighted song (when i dont see why is considered stealing)

and is absurd how they really dont do anything to stop racial or animal abuse at all, supposedly you can flag a video to report something that is not apropiate for the website and they never take that down, it is absurd how youtube rules apply only when the big companies dont want their content used even for a parody, homage or video of the sort, because audio is stripped or movie is taken down and that comes with a nice threat of banning your account.

But videos that increase hate for ethnics are never taken down (i wonder if it's because they are an american website/company?) or human and animal abuse are never taken down..

How certain i am of this? we have got a couple cases in mexico of student beign bullied on purpose so they could record with their mobiles a video and upload to youtube as if that STUPID behavior was something funny you had to show to everyone (one student died...) and why? because youtube allow such crap to be uploaded and is never taken down nor their account are disabled that's why.

Want an example? this is a video from south america, old as 2007 and there a guy recorded this video and they shot a women, why is this still online? why is not taken down as is something disgusting?

Often i see content that also go against the laws/rules of youtube and increase hate for ethnics and they never do something to take such videos down, niggers, fucking mexicans, etc, content of that sort, now in my case of course i grab a torch and a fork and go post to defend my country and race (even if sometimes i am a big critic of my own country and people, but racism is something else), and sometimes i wonder if the people behind youtube (even if i love the website) have some racial issues as they allow this kind of behavior in not few but LOT of videos there are, but god forbid you to use metallica in a machinima or a video you make because then you are a criminal and threatened to be banned from the youtube community...

But of course, not everything can be youtube's fault when there's a lot of users (stupid users) that find stupid videos like this something funny to laugh of

anyway is up to youtube to have staff stalking this kind of videos too, not just act like stray dogs for an user trying to use "copyrighted" material when they arent breaking the rules.

ARGH, end of rant, fuck the haters, fuck animal abuse, fuck racism, peace!

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Anxiety Attack

Hmm, around 3:30 am after a nice round of anime (rumic theater, was pretty funny) started to feel bad, dont ask me why, just was here in front of the pc and found myself crying, and all the classic symptoms, chest hurting, heartbeats, desperate, etc etc but luckily managed to control myself a bit later, otherwise could have been very bad for me.

Is the first attack i have in months, i guess i have been slowly feeling depressed and stressed over many things in the last weeks, name it exercise, delay with stuff, lack of money, medicine going skyhigh among others i think it has been piling up and i was reaching my limits, i dont know.

Cant say i feel completely fine now, atm feel odd, not sure if i'll feel better or worse today, i guess i can elaborate a bit in some of the stress related issues

The packages
I think without a doubt this has been stressing me a lot, well having a package sent by Express Mail Service on customs since april 26 when they usually take 4 days to arrive using that service make me feel is lost/stolen, aparently alec never got a tracking number for EMS just regular mail, which make me wonder if the employee fucked big time, i have got terrible experiences with the post office reason why i always use EMS even if it cost me more, well i consider the games to be lost already, and well usually i wont moan for it but right now things are not exactly good for us, i guess this also applies for the xbox360 package im waiting (and i never got a tracking number from casey so, that worry me too)

Bleh i really was hoping to get the VIP pass to go there all 3 days and have a chance to get some pictures with Dave Prowse (darth vader) cuz well yeah, is not that common for someone like him to come to anime/comic cons in mexico, and i cant really affor to travel to usa, so hmm last month i hoped i could buy that digital camera (possible payment for a website that seems now will be cancelled), deadline for the vip was yesterday so meh, one life time oportunity wasted, i wish i used the money of the xbox360 games for the VIP/camera instead..

Bleh, emo entry, w/e... bye.

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Omegle and random

Well im not talking of anything new, im sure many of you know about this site already, omegle.com let you have chats with random strangers over the net, it can be an amazing experience or a bad one.. it all depend who's on the other side of the convo, i think the most funny chat i had was this:

Stranger: this is the fbi
You: do you want to touch my butt mr fbi? :D
Stranger: of course
You: xD
Stranger: are you a gay lord focker like myself?
Stranger: my boss likes to get his balls licked
You: nah just experimenting
Stranger: by the fattest agent there is
You: lmao
Stranger: I weigh 235 pounds
Stranger: he always picks me to lick his balls
Stranger: I think he likes me
You: hahaha
Stranger: I have manboobs, but they almost look like female boobs
Stranger: he use to call me his trap
You: hahaha omg xD
Stranger: once we went undercover
Stranger: and he forced me to wear a dress
Stranger: although I hadn't shaved in 4 years
Stranger: just grooming my moustache
You: lol xD
Stranger: I looked like manfay
Stranger: Do you think I should ask him to marry me?
Stranger: we live in a state where it's ok
Stranger: but he's my boss
Stranger: what if he fires me, and I get to be his stay-at-home-bitch
You: haha could xD
Stranger: and he gets some fatter then me sucking his balls and calling him FRITZL
You: why not, take the risk :P
Stranger: you know what
Stranger: the bureau wasn't this fucked up before 4chan
Stranger: nowadays it's a fucking captain picard circus
You: 4chan changed everything
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: I got gay
Stranger: anyways
Stranger: must clean my moustache from all cum it's been getting
You: haha oh god xD
Stranger: while I've been chatting, all the men at the office have been masturbating in my face

Really, that one cracked me up all the convo, was funny as hell, but you can also find chats of people thinking hey want suicide, like this 14 year old girl from finland (not posting all the convo tho):

Stranger: i was a bad crash one month ago
You: hmm?
You: what kind of crash
Stranger: 4 cars of crash
Stranger: broke 3 rib and hand
You: oh
You: that's bad
Stranger: yeah
You: recovering and feeling better? i hope
Stranger: now i dont have so much pain
You: hope you recover 100% soon ;)
Stranger: i hope
You: how's the cliamte there?
You: is kinda hot here, hate it xD
Stranger: my boy friend ddeath...my life is for ash
Stranger: i like hot
You: your boyfriend is death?
Stranger: i cry like a little baby............
Stranger: in crash
You: the accident?
You: sorry to ehar
You: hear*
Stranger: yes...i am try suicide but i cant....i hate my life
You: life seems to be unfair only for us most of the time but there's always something to keep living for, im sure you will find one
Stranger: i hope...u are very nice
Stranger: talk something else
You: hmm ok

chat continued but not going to post everything here, overall omegle can be funny, annoying, a good experience or something you will disconnect after someone say "hi", but is an interesting website, give it a try and decide yourself.

now the random part.. AWESOME!

joined to help Miltownkid with the My Dead Xbox forums, i hope that work out and we can do something cool with that community, still considering if i should vlog or not when i get a camera, i guess i willd ecide when that time comes, because lol my mind is so crazy random and funny i can blow your head like Jack black on "Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny"

loved that movie, Tenacious D is just FTW (just like me)

ok im done, cya lattah!~