viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

E3 comments (and rants? go figure..)

Well for the most part i think a majority agree Microsoft had the best conference of all E3, followed close by Sony and far behind in the end Nintendo... nd please fanboys stay away of this blog please, i like all 3 consoles so please avoid me the hasle of your flames, thanks.

Microsoft Conference
Ok so, the new game line up was very good, specially the announcement of Metal Gear Solid franchise coming to the Xbox360, sure is not an Xbox360 exclusive but that matters? no, matters it arrived to the console but i will avoid more on this topic as it seems to ignite fanboys to spam ;)

Halo ODST came with a good bonus, the code to enter Halo Reach multiplayer Beta and yes i know there's people saying "oh crap Bungie dont move form the Halo games, ugh...!!" and well yeah that may be truth but while fans (people love and hate Halo) like the series and ask for more, Bungie will keep doing Halo related games.

I would like to focus on what i believe was the most important announcement not only on the Microsoft conference but maybe in all E3, and that is Project NATAL and MILO

Project NATAL promise to bring to the Xbox360 voice, facial and motion recognition to the console, of course if Microsoft make this work as promised it will be a great hit and hopefully game developers will make a good use of this technology.

And after i was chating with my friend Borf ( he told me Johnny Chung Lee was also part of Project NATAL, if you know a bit of johnny you may know he have done quite some neat things with a wiimote, if not check out his website at so this give me hopes that Project NATAL will be giving us the players what we was promised. :)

MILO, okay this is neat but also creepy! by using the project natal features milo bring to us a virtual reality friend that will talk, move, read and interact with us as we speak, move or show him writen stuff on a piece of paper!

A lot has been said (of course..) about this beign a fake, it may it may not, i really hope this is real as it sounds to be a hell of a project! and probably the only friend many out there will have in this world ;) PEDOBEAR LOVES MILO <3 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(51, 204, 255);font-size:130%;" >
SONY Conference
Now sony gave us a good bunch of stuff to look at too, among thoe some new exclusives coming to the console, a new gadget to rival with project natal and the launch of the so rumored PSP Go.

Ok the most important i think is this new motion sensor controller, the demo they showed was really impresive, and taking in mind it is a prototype this is really promising (if devs make good games for it and not moronic games) remind me the card game they showed some time ago that used a camera and interacted with the player, only time will tell if both natal and this will stay or just be a fad, but i think these new technologies are here to stay.

The PSP Go, at first i was hoping this wont be real as i wanted to buy a PSP Slim (yeah you know, hack it and use memory sticks) but sony said they are keeping the support for the 2/3000 so that's cool

We see major changes on design as UMD is no more (i womder if many umd movie owners are happy with this) hardware seems to be the same with the addition of 16gb of flash memory to download games, movies and content from the PSN, but i wonder, what will happen when your memory is full and you want get more games, obviously you need to delete some games from your PSP Go
if you dont have a fast internet or you dont have internet in home this can be troublesome, i like the PSP Go but i doubt is something i will get in the near future.

Game line up, well for the PSP i have to say i am waiting to get Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid, they looks just great

For the PS3 MAG looked promising but looks awful, graphic wise is impressive yeah but seems just like a common war game without much personality (that's just imo) Uncharted 2 looked much better with sightly details i disliked from the gameplay demo such as your character climbing and hanging with a gun in the hand (i wonder how he do that, AWESOME) or wooden desks holding helicopter's fire like if they was steel, but besides that looked great xD

You have to scuse me, i like FPS's but is not what i crave on gaming...

ModNation Racers, now this is a game i am for sure buying for the ps3! i love games that allow players to use creativity (like little big planet) and this one let you build your racing tracks! (and i think sharing them online)

God of War 3, what can i say... amazing!

Final Fantasy 14 Online, i was a bit exited until i heard "ps3 exclusive" and seems that every friend of mine into Final Fantasy 11 just hate it, i can understand why but i think that deserve his own post :P

Nintendo Conference
Oh boy, OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!111one, i wonder how the ceo's show their face on street after that sad conference...

Ok the WII Motion Plus, not amusing, and is not new as they announced this for a time now and well it is revealing? i dont think so, is basically enchanced wii experience in my opinion and well not much to say, amusing cat is not amused...

The heart Sensor and the wiifit plus, oh god for my own sanity i will skip this *sigh*

Some of the announcements for the wii included the new Mario Bros Wii with 4 players co-cop/vs mode and here is where i tear my shirt and yell "omg cammie (the women on the video) please SHUT UP dont insult miyamoto like that!!!" and i quote:

"For the last 15 years mister miyamoto has been thinking about one new way to let you play a mario game in a way that's never been possible before"

Ok first of all saying he spend 15 years to add co op in a mario game is something the world is laughing at and make miyamoto look dumb, not a genious as she intended (unless she tried to insult him, in which case... god job!)
second, never been possible? OMG what a bunch of bu... *sigh* ok cammie 2 words for you Super Multitap, made by hudson for their bomberman games allowing up tp 4 players on the super nes, and considering the supernes scaling capabilities oh hell yes, this game could have been done long time ago...

Now i have not seen the rest of the game but certainly this is not miyamoto new masterpiece as she stated, this game is far to be a masterpiece (this coming from someone that's playing mario games since the NES) i have not seen the rest of the game but this is far to be a groundbreaking Mario game like it was SMB3 or Supermario World for the SuperNes.

DSI, one of the more stupid features is deforming pictures with the camera, and saying we can now share with the world our pictures in Facebook was not something that made people start twittering about it, and please Mario vs Donkey in the DSI Shop? come on nintendo you can do much better than that...

The only i liked (without beign impressed) was Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Metroid game for the Wii, yet i would love to see some old great games from the nes and super nes on the wii other than mario, link and samus.

Where is my remake for Kid Ikarus or Mother 4? come on not all is mario and metroid Nintendo... and no i dont hate nintendo but ist sucks to see it become a nursing game system, what's next, glucose sensor?

Ok that's my rant/views on the E3, bye! :)

Retro vs Fancy Graphics, has gameplay decayed?

You know, often i rant when it comes to 3d gaming, more and more i see how developers focus in one genre named "First Person Shooters" and no dont misunderstand me i like the genre but i think there's a lot of genres that are more and more forgotten by the developers not by lack of fans but lack of creativity and effor from the companies.

Sonic the Edgehog (and probably the new Mario World for the Wii) could be a good example of how fancy 3d do not means the game is actually good but just "good looking"

Another lack of effor from the companies is less content on game campaigns that make the game extremely short because they focus on giving you the "best" multiplayer experience, even if i enjoy to go online and have matches with friends that is not all and i hate how the developers focus on that over REAL game content, take as example Killzone 2, game is great but campaign is extremely short and just when you start getting the feel of the game, baam... the end, and all you have left is multiplayer, it trully sucks and unfortunately more and more game companies worry for multiplayer (which is ok) but not for giving more to the people that bought the game hoping to have REAL replay value!

Wonder why old 16-bit game compilations sells a lot of copies or why virtual stores like PSN/WII/XBL have old titles that appeal the users so much? yes... replay value!

Often people, and sorry if im going to touch sensitive nerves here, ignorant videogame wannabes think graphics meant all, and i have found in youtube ignorant comments of "fans" swearing and blabering nonsense BS vs old 2d graphics like if the graphics made the game be bad, clearly they have never tried them at all, those games are the very rosseta stone of the actual gaming, where could be the MGS solid franchise without the original HIT of the 8-bit Metal Gear Solid or the NES Final Fantasy? fanboy wannabes should not have a next generation console if they cant value the greatness of NES, Supernes and Sega Genesis (Megadrive or SMS2 depending where you live at) to name a few.

that's all, end of rant, go and play some old great games: sonic the edgehog, Super Mario World (not the newest Wii joke!) pwning retro, RAWR!!!

Next blog, my rant on the E3! stay tuned.