viernes, 18 de julio de 2008

Do you know me?

In the last weeks i faced someone, an online "friend" of mine and well, i am not sure if we really are friends at all, today i face the same with someone i know online and i am not sure i can consider a friend anymore.

I am a game master in a ragnarok online server, i consider myself a dedicated person, usually i try to give it all to what i do, drawing, learning, etc.
so, as i told before, do you know me? you know i am more than just a guy gming in a ragnarok online server? i have a life too, i am not in front of the monitor even if my pc is online.

i know of my so called friends study computer related stuff, java, php, etc, i know she will go to the san diego university, she plays clarinet too, the funny is she never told me her name, i found out from a third person, otherwise im sure i wont be sure what was her name, she have father, mother and one small sister.

I know one of my friends work in a shoe store (something he hate xD) that he stoped stuying for economic issues but he hope to finish school and to get a better job, he draw too, he have a mother, step father, and a sister (she's hot btw).

I know a friend that likes games, love to code (as i think he coded since he was 9) i know he like to hang with friends in a club named kinjin and they sent special shoes to hard gay in japan xD
i do know how talented he is coding as he is the admin of the serer i have gmed on, making many projects such as sagramore (a browser based game), his weakness are cute girls, he have a mother, father and a brother (no he is not hot) and of course some caged pets.

Probably i give to people i dont know irl to much importance, as i value frienship like few things in my life, online or irl friend for me they are friends i value a lot, not sure if that's a defect or not, but sure thing i tend to be naive so often and i have been hurt for that.

As these onine friends i have a life, i have lived things that made me who i am, just as they do and i cant find but sad how some of them cant see beyong me and gming as if that was my life, is not..

Do you know me? can you answer if i have a family? brother or sisters? what i wanted to study? my hobbies? give me a break and dont dare to judge me when you barely know but the surface and the nickname you see on a computer screen, get down of your pedestal and give me a little credit and respect, i deserve it.

There's people i dont know, people that's a total stranger for me and i dont give a shit for people like that making ignorant comments about me, but i do care when such comments come from people i have considered my friends... there i start to wonder who's and not my friend and who should i stop talking to, both online and irl.

Do you know me? ask that yourself...

Hate to post stuff like this but i need to release some steam...

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Jenny dijo...

I know you Neko-chan! ^^
But i don't need to say what i know about you here!